Data Entry Transcribers

Data Entry Transcribers

ATCcenter’s mission is to make easily available the use of speech to text technology by providing a virtual transcription-as-a-service platform for the research, media and general population.  After 4.5 years, ATCcenter has become a leader of this industry. The solution has helped more 50,000 professionals in more than 22 countries by transcribing over 12 million minutes of audio and video files.

Our management team

We work in a co-working space in the centre of Austin (Texas). We’re sure that you’d love the place 😉 But ATC is a remote hiring workforce. Here are some pictures of our team member’s home offices. Feel free to comment !

What's your mission ?

We are actively recruiting skilled, reliable, transcription professionals who are excited to provide services on an ongoing basis either 

Three days a week: Monday, Wednesday  Friday 

Five days a week, Monday through Friday. Transcriptionists who work with our team are assigned four to six hours of work every day, Monday through Friday. Once work has been assigned, freelancers have 24 hours to complete and return transcripts from the comfort of their own home or office. Although transcriptionists have the freedom to work on transcripts any time of day, we do enforce strict, 24-hour turnaround times and prefer not to contract with people who already have full-time positions. Because this is production-based work that pays per page typed, transcriptionists can increase the amount they earn by improving their typing speed and accuracy. While monthly income varies from person to person, most freelancers bring in $1600 to 2800 per month working part time and once they have completed our qualification program and a trial period. 

Some of the other benefits of remote transcription with Transcription Express include:

  • Flexible hours that allow you to download work 24 hours a day.
  • Support from an amazing, in-office team who will mentor you through the transcription process.
  • Steady, reliable work that empowers you to make a consistent income.
  • Part-time hours (four to six hours of work per business day) that allow you to prioritize kids, family, and other commitments.
  • Savings on daycare, gas, and other expenses you may have when working outside the home.
  • Ability to boost your profitability over time.
  • Weekends off!

 To work with ATCcenter, you must:

  • Type at least 60 words per minute with 90% or better accuracy. Previous transcription experience, particularly with verbatim style transcription, is a plus.
  • Proficiency with spelling and homonyms.
  • Be a native English speaker located in the United States.
  • Not have a full-time job or be a full-time student.
  • Already have or be willing to purchase essential equipment including: A computer, Windows Pro 7.0+, high-speed internet, Express Scribe Pro transcription software with foot pedal and USB Transcription Headset.
  • Have the ability to complete our online Freelancer Qualification Program before being assigned paid work. (Please note that completion of the program does not guarantee a contract offer will be extended.)
  • Submit an extensive background check that is less than one year old that includes 10 years of past employment; federal, state, and criminal search; and social security trace for each county or city you have lived in.


  • A competitive salary and equity
  • A fulfilling, challenging work, that impacts thousands of people.
  • One book of your choice each month and free access to e-learning platforms

Since we can’t meet you face to face, we would love to learn more about your through your online portfolio. Your online resume or website should detail your background, work history, and experience working remotely. Be sure to include your software and home office environment. Team Leaders are required to maintain a home office suitable for interviews and video calls. If you don’t have an online resume, no problem. You can set one up quickly and easily here and then share your link with us so we can add you to our candidate pool.

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